Doppler Labs shuts down

- This is a very good piece about what it's like to work on a hardware product, and the risks or raising a lot of capital and not having traction to match. 
- Doppler labs made an Airpods-like product called the "Here One". It was closer to a hearing aid for anyone -- idea was to leave them in all the time and turn the volume of your world up and down / get directed or filtered sound through the app. 
- They'd launched a head of Airpods, got the trend right, raised $50m, launched the Here One to great reviews. So this seems like a surprise. 
- The product sold 25k, which seems like a lot, but they manufactured 40k.
- "[we thought] 
Before this revolution happens, maybe somebody's going to take us out to win the race...We were definitely irrationally confident." 
- "
We focused so much on size and compactness with Here One that we kind of compromised battery life"
- "
Every employee I spoke with at Doppler echoed the same thing: that this was a difficult, demanding, chaotic job, and they wish they didn't have to leave it yet." 


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