Snap releases Lens Studio, a tool for creating your own AR effects

I talked to the man who runs Snap's camera platform team about their new developer tools:

“This has been an amazing year for AR as a technology,” says Eitan Pilipski, who leads Snap’s camera platform team. “We’re really excited to take this tool, and make it as simple as possible for any creator out there to have a presence on Snapchat.”
The move marks the first time that average users — and advertisers — will be able to create AR lenses for Snapchat. Lens Studio will offer them templates and guides for getting started, for both two- and three-dimensional designs. A scripting API allows users to build additional effects into their designs — tapping an object to change its shape, for example, or altering it as the user walks closer to it.

You'll know this worked if a user-created lens gets to Dancing Hot Dog-level popularity.


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