Facebook Wants to Fix Itself. Here's a Better Solution.


We first hear from former Facebook employee Sandy Parakilas in November, when he wrote an op-ed saying the company couldn't be trusted to regulate itself. Now he's back with an op-ed in Wired about his time at the company: 

 I led the team in charge of policy and privacy issues on Facebook’s developer platform in 2011 and 2012. And in mid-2012, I drew up a map of data vulnerabilities facing the company and its users. I included a list of bad actors who could abuse Facebook’s data for nefarious ends, and included foreign governments as one possible category.
I shared the document with senior executives, but the company didn’t prioritize building features to solve the problem. As someone working on user protection, it was difficult to get any engineering resources assigned to build or even maintain critical features, while the growth and ads teams were showered with engineers. Those teams were working on the things the company cared about: getting more users and making more money.


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