The tech opportunity luxury brands are missing

"Without a deep relationship with technology to draw on or a vision of their own, the Luxury establishment may well be tempted to jump on the Bay Area bandwagon — lending a precious seal of approval in exchange for a moment basking in the warm glow of the Tech’s ascendancy. This precarious strategy, however, risks handing over the reigns to an industry whose values (rapid prototype and release) are at serious odds with centuries of fine craft and connoisseurship. Just look at those Luxury endorsed wearables lost in a fog of utility, trying to solve problems. In today’s fast-moving world, industry leaders must remember that Luxury was never commanded by an overriding usefulness or functionality, and must not be lead astray by Tech world ideals. Luxury is the business of joy, desire and exquisitely crafted execution — it’s this heritage brands must remain true to as they lower the drawbridge to consumer electronics."


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