Apple’s Clips App

Lauren Goode on Apple's forthcoming not-quite-social app, Clips:

Live Titles are one of the most interesting features of the Clips app, because I don’t know of any other social video apps that have this. It’s a way of adding text over still photos and videos using your voice. This means you don’t have to type in the text overlay; you can tap the Live Title option, choose a style, and then record your voice while the app translates that to text. It will do this in 36 different languages, too. The result is a kind of rolling captioning over your Clips videos.

The obvious joke to make is about Apple's other forays into social apps, like Ping. But this isn't really a social app. There is no built-in network (unless you consider your iMessage contacts a network -- which maybe you should!). It's an app to make content to share on other social networks. 

So I guess there's no real downside to trying this. If it works, it's another fun reason to buy an iPhone. And yes, maybe it helps Apple experiment in AR a bit -- the Live Tiles thing does sound cool. If it fails, no biggie. 

Still sort of weird to see Apple doing this. 


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