Announcing Distill: A Modern Medium for Presenting Research

A joint launch between OpenAI, Google Brain, and YCombinator, Distill aims to provide a better mechanism for disseminating research on ML. From the Google announcement:

Science isn't just about discovering new results. It’s also about human understanding. Scientists need to develop notations, analogies, visualizations, and explanations of ideas. This human dimension of science isn't a minor side project. It's deeply tied to the heart of science.
That’s why, in collaboration with OpenAI, DeepMind, YC Research, and others, we’re excited to announce the launch of Distill, a new open science journal and ecosystem supporting human understanding of machine learning. Distill is an independent organization, dedicated to fostering a new segment of the research community.

If you've ever read an ML paper, you know it's not a great experience. I'm excited to see how much traction Distill gets.


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