Open Meetings Pilot


So, we hit the record button during our call and put it online! We have been challenging the status quo to find new ways and help everyone #WorkBetter. We also love the principles and spirit behind #OpenSource, so we combined these together and decided to open up all our business meetings. Tune in to listen to our crazy ideas (and some truly are!) and how we are trying to make them into a reality. We do not understand it all, so if you have any ideas that will help your and our journeys then let's connect and explore possibilities.

In this episode, Dash shares 2 of his moonshots for with Andy. Both relating to #CrowdSourcing. Fast forward to 5:30 and 28:00 min markers to listen to them. The ideas are scary, and we are working on ways to make them a reality! Come along on our journey. #OpenMeetings #ThisIsUs


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