Don't Leave Your Family Behind (When Building Your Business) - Matthew Paulson

I met Matt a couple MicroConf's ago. He's one of the most humble, unassuming, genuinely nice people you'll ever meet.

Here in the Midwest, we have a label reserved especially for people like this, a turn of phrase that gets to the heart of it in a way that everyone can understand in an understated yet visceral way...

“[So-and-so] is good people.”

Well friends, Matt Paulson is good people.

In his new book, The Ten-Year Turnaround, Matt shares how he worked damn hard to get himself out of debt and manufacture a solid business that has not only created an amazing lifestyle for his family, but also created what will be real, lasting generational wealth for his children.

The dollar amounts are staggering, yes, but I find that the important part of his story is how he's grown his business— going from flipping burgers under a mountain of debt to being a millionaire nearly a dozen times over, all while keeping his family and values a priority.

In this article, Matthew shares how important it is to build your business without leaving loved ones behind. Read more...


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