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The F8 of Facebook

by M.G. Siegler


Five Studios’ Mission: Winning the Distribution Rights to James Bond

Brooks Barnes on the battle to secure the rights to distribute future James Bond films:

Also vying for the Bond deal — even though it pays surprisingly little — are Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Annapurna, an ambitious upstart financed and led by the Oracle heiress Megan Ellison. (Not competing for the business are Paramount, which has been struggling and recently hired a new chairman, and Walt Disney Studios, which has been on a box office hot streak by focusing on its own family film labels.)

Interesting that Annapurna is in the running. More interesting that Disney is not. But perhaps that makes sense:

Under its previous agreement, Sony paid 50 percent of the production costs for “Spectre” — which totaled some $250 million after accounting for government incentives — but received only 25 percent of certain profits, once costs were recouped. Sony also shouldered tens of millions of dollars in marketing and had to give MGM a piece of the profit from non-Bond films Sony had in its own pipeline, including “22 Jump Street.”

Yeah, no way Disney gives into those demands.


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