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Ballparks & Time

by M.G. Siegler


"If Hermès made freight trains."

WSJ on Bugatti's new Chiron -- the $3 million car:

It’s hard to put words to the sensation of a 2-ton luxury automobile’s accelerating from repose to 186 mph (300 km/h) in 13.6 seconds—about as long it takes most people to read this sentence aloud. It’s like getting hit by a freight train, if Hermès made freight trains. This is the adult entertainment that Bugatti panders to the jaded .1%: scarcely believable, barely endurable blasts of acceleration, clutching spasms of delta-v that are both pleasure and pain, traumatic and orgasmic.
And at the moment when the jeweled clock-face speedometer passes 300 km/h—a moment of tunnel vision, mild vertigo and panicky laughter—the car is still traveling two-thirds of its maximum speed.

I'm not much of a car guy myself, but wow.


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