De Daily Maverick uit Zuid-Afrika startte een papieren krant tijdens de coronacrisis

De Daily Maverick begon als een online nieuwsmedium op het gebied van onderzoeksjournalistiek in Zuid-Afrika, maar heeft de stap naar papier gemaakt met een wekelijkse papieren krant.

Our venture into digital-only publishing came at a crazy time. Focusing on politics, in the era of Google and Facebook in a country whose major organs of the state had been captured by nefarious influences seeking to loot national and provincial budgets, wasn’t an environment conducive to innovation. But we always had the suspicion that our brand of long-form analysis and investigations would do well in printed form. Over the years, we reached out to existing print publishers with offers of collaboration that never went anywhere. In the end, we decided to take control of our print ambitions ourselves. After the launch of our successful membership program, aided by philanthropic support, we were able to double the size of our newsroom in 24 months. Now we felt it was time to try to move ahead with a print product.

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