The 84 biggest flops, fails, and dead dreams of the decade in tech

We're not only coming up on the end of a year, but the end of a decade. Naturally we are going to get a number of lists and predictions for the future. I found this list of the 84 biggest tech flops of the decade particularly funny. On it is everything from 24. Juicero (duh), 18. Blackberry (double duh) and 5. Google Glass to the 15. Fyre Festival, 41. WeWork's attempt to go public and 58. Qwikster. That said, #26 was...quite unique.

26. Everything touches
Most famous for winning the competitive battle for being the worst member of the Black Eyed Peas, (né William) struck it out on his own in the past decade as a solo artist...’s other solo act was as a tech entrepreneur, which involved a series of products, decisions, and acquisitions that I would also describe as boners. In 2012, founded, which produced garish iPhone cases with slide-out keyboards and a separate camera. This would be his least bad idea over the next eight years. Next he launched the Puls, a smartwatch which our own Dan Seifert called “the worst product I’ve touched all year.” He followed it up with another smartwatch — this one voice activated, for no apparent reason — called Dial that nobody bought. Then there was the Delorean-inspired car IAMAUTO, a vehicle that was immediately impounded for not being street legal, but did make me better appreciate when’s branding is lowercase and separated by periods. later acquired Wink, pivoting to a business focused on smart home, AI, and losing gobs and gobs of money. Things got so bad that employees went months without pay. Also, somewhere in there, had time to become chief creative officer of a company that 3D prints bullshit.
What does the next decade look like for This December, he launched Buttons, a new company featuring — checks notes — wireless earbuds, which means we can look forward to 10 more years of boners. —Kevin Nguyen



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