What Disney’s Acquisition of Fox Could Mean for Marvel’s Superheroes


Josh Rottenberg:

“Well, it’s simple. When it all comes together, Marvel will have access to almost all of its characters, and that’s something that most companies that have intellectual property characters have always had,” Feige, the primary weaver of Marvel’s ever-growing cinematic tapestry, told the Times. “Marvel, in a very unique way over the years, has not had access to all of its characters, and now it will. That just seems like something that’s very appropriate and exciting for me — at the potential and the possibilities to come.”
But while the union of these disparate superhero franchises may sound simple in theory, sorting out exactly how it will work in reality may be anything but. As the oft-quoted Spider-Man aphorism goes, with great power comes great responsibility — and, in this case, a lot of tricky creative problems to solve.

One presumes that Feige's original grand plan did not involve Disney spending $70B+ to buy Fox, re-uniting many of Marvel's characters. And yet, here we are. Now the question is: how can you not interweave the X-Men and Deadpool into the various Avengers storylines? More importantly, can you do so with all the original actors on all sides of those equations, as most seemed ready to retire from the MCU.

Said another way: how much money will it take to lure Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman and Chris Evans back?


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