Amazon Delays Opening of Cashierless Store to Work Out Kinks

Speaking of Amazon stores, here's Laura Stevens on the struggles Amazon has had with its "Go" (cashier-less) concept stores:

The Amazon Go store in the company’s hometown of Seattle uses cameras, sensors and algorithms to watch customers and track what they pick up, according to the people familiar with the matter. But Amazon has run into problems tracking more than about 20 people in the store at one time, as well as the difficulty of keeping tabs on an item if it has been moved from its specific spot on the shelf, according to the people.
For now, the technology generally functions flawlessly only if there are fewer than about 20 customers present, or when their movements are slow, the people familiar with the matter said. After it opens, the store will still need employees for the near future to help ensure the technology is accurately tracking purchases.

20 customers is obviously not going to work. But is there any question that Amazon will be able to solve this?

You know how awesome it is when you can just get out of an Uber and not worry about pulling out your wallet, figuring out tip, etc? That's going to happen here too. It's just a matter of time. 


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