A Trail of Broken Ceasefires in Syria


Faysal Itani addresses the misperception of Western politicians regarding ceasefires in Syria that continuesly fail since 2012:

 "The Syrian war is complex and presents fiendish policy challenges, but the futility of ceasefires is easy to understand. What is odd is that Western governments continue to embrace a strategy that bets on Russian goodwill and regime irrationality. There are only three ways to end hostilities in opposition-held parts of Syria: external powers would need to impose a stalemate by rectifying the severe imbalance of power between regime and opposition, intervene militarily against the regime, or let the fighting end with total regime victory on Assad’s terms. Any other approach, such as an endless cycle of ceasefires, is more likely to further expose Western superficiality and incompetence, and prolong the suffering of Syrians"


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