Analyzing 89 Responses to a SQL Screener Question for a Senior Data Analyst Position

At Help Scout, we recently went through the process of hiring a new senior data analyst. In order to apply for the position, we asked anyone interested to answer a few short screener questions including one to help evaluate their SQL skills. Here's the SQL screener question we asked.

Great SQL brain teaser if you want to do it and then check your answer! The entire post is an awesome dissection of choices analysts make and their ramifications.

Also: if you're not currently using a technical screener like this in your hiring process, I'm a big believer in it. We have one for all of positions at Fishtown Analytics and it's worked great. We don't set the bar too high—the goal is not to get to the top 5% of applicants, it's to winnow the bottom 50%. Once we apply that filter we can then interview for a broader set of attributes.


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