The Gentle Side of Twitch

This is my favorite story of the week. Twitch is known primarily as a video game live-streaming site (see the next section for another story about that), but it turns out there's a much quieter side to the platform as well.

Most streams are focused primarily on video games, but there are also streams from musicians, knitters, storytellers, makeup artists, scientists, and photographers. There are streamers sewing costumes, snapping together LEGO bricks, and creating digital paintings of their favorite characters. 

There's a beautiful story about 58-year-old Jennifer Chambers, who teaches knitting classes on Twitch and has a steady group of people who watch, knit, and chat with her every day. Not long after she began streaming, Chambers was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Chambers streamed all through the physical and psychological hardships of treatment, and now she’s cancer free. “It was an amazing process and journey,” she said. “I feel like by being open about what was happening in my real life, they’ve become like my family.”


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