Beyond the digital frontier

Big hat tip to Deloitte on their new Tech Trends report. I really love the way they combine all the new trends (from robotics to block chain) in this outstanding report. Showing how innovation is a concert of all these technologies, with CIO and CMO working together to elevate the human experience.

Marketing technology is undergoing a renaissance. Channel-focused solutions such as websites, social and mobile platforms, content management tools, and search engine optimization are fast becoming yesterday’s news. As part of the growing beyond marketing trend, organizations are adopting a new generation of martech systems that deliver unprecedented levels of customer intimacy, targeted engagement, and precision impact. By deploying new approaches to data gathering, decisioning, and delivery, companies can now create personalized, contextualized, dynamic end-to-end experiences for individual customers. These experiences can help customers create deep emotional connections to products and brands, which drive loyalty and business growth.


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