Chain Reaction: Investment in Canada’s Blockchain Ecosystem

Canada’s blockchain ecosystem is expanding as industry embraces new use cases that improve business process efficiencies across various industries, which in turn creates new opportunities for foreign direct investment (FDI). As industry understanding of blockchain evolves, and the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency are decoupled, blockchain’s value proposition drive the new growth in Canada’s blockchain hubs, particularly Toronto.

“Blockchain’s potential for improving the economics and resiliency of firms, enabling transactional transparency, and advancing security are at the heart of its value proposition. As blockchain becomes commonplace around the world, advancing the applications of this technology in Canada will be key for demonstrating its potential and attracting investment in a space that is ripe for the picking.” - Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO

Chain Reaction: Investment in Canada’s Blockchain Ecosystem examines opportunities for blockchain-focused foreign direct investment (FDI), backed by primary research. The study compares Canada’s blockchain ecosystem to other key global centres of blockchain activity and presents the insights of industry experts on the value of blockchain across specific sectors.

This study builds on the 2019 ICTC blockchain report Building Canadian Consensus, which serves as an introduction to blockchain technology in Canada, outlining blockchain trends and analyzing the country’s blockchain workforce by sector, type and size of company.

Read the full study here 📖


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