Mattress company Casper wants to create ‘sprays’ and ‘medical machines’ in IPO filing

The online mattress (or, if you want to believe them, platform for the Sleep Economy) company filed for IPO this week. Now, understandably, the DTC mattress company is trying to position itself less as a pure play mattress business and more of a tech company. Tech companies, in this market anyway, are allowed to take on major losses in order to acquire customers with the promise of high gross margins at scale. Whether or not Casper is able to make this same argument to prospective investors remains to be seen (I personally doubt it). That said, the fact the company has been able to get to a size and scale that merits them going public is a milestone in itself and deserves recognition.

For more takes, this read of the S-1 by Yoni Rechtman is solid.


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