Exponential Technologies


“My goal is to give you a sense of the pace of change. We haven't seen one percent of the rate of change that we going to see within the next ten years. It used to be that a thousand years ago, the only people who could change a nation or a region of the world were the Kings and Queens. One hundred years ago it was the industrialists, the robber barons, that could make the change.Today it’s anyone…”

“Anyone passionate enough is given access to these accelerating exponential technologies, and can take on the world’s grand challenges and, I believe, solve them. These technologies are the levers to impact one billion people. We cultivate at least 15 startups a year out of SU. An entrepreneur can actually start a company that impacts one billion people in a decade. At Singularity University, we teach: “If you want to become a billionaire, help a billion people. The world’s biggest problems, are the world’s biggest business opportunities.”


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