Ingush Head hates Instagram but wants to keep abreast of times

The head of Ingushetia, a Russian state, is a weary user of social media in a way that I personally found highly relatable! He has 168,000 followers and has posted more than 4,500 pictures:

Yunus-bek Yevkurov, the Head of the Russian Republic of Ingushetia said in an interview with RIA Novosti that he does “not like Instagram in the slightest”, but this "must be done nevertheless". He is reportedly the one making all the posts on social networks.
Yevkurov said he used social media to tell everyone about the republic’s achievements and traditions, to convey the national flavor and to ensure that more people know about the republic. The Ingush head also said he might create accounts in other networks as well, since it is important to “keep abreast of the times”. At present, "80 percent of people around the world read news and get information via social networks," he added.


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