VW and Ford Partner To Become More Digital


Ford is partnering with Google, and VW and GM with Microsoft. In their - perhaps rather late - digital transformation, car giants are looking for tools for automated driving platforms (ADP), but also for connected cars and electric vehicle software, making a garage stop into an overnight software refresh process with Google Cloud (do plug in for the update). I am never sure wat these 'big' announcements mean if you consider that Nokia and Microsoft announced a partnership for a new mobile ecosystem exactly ten years ago. From hero to zero.

On the surface, Ford and Google's partnership 'Upshift' will have product features like the Android operating system in Fords and Lincolns beginning in 2023. Although the infotainment system will be Ford branded it will have native access to Google Maps, Google's voice assistant, and the Google Play store.

But this thing goes deeper than product. On the back end, Ford wants Google to help facilitate the training of AI and machine learning to help streamline manufacturing. Time and again, deep innovation is in the process, not the product. I think the big idea here is to bring Silicon Valley culture to Dearborn, Michigan.


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