Smart PR As Google Play Cuts Percentage

Google has cut its app store commission from 30% to 15% for the first $1m of a developer's revenue. Apple did the same last November. This is over 90% of developers, but less than 10% of revenue, so it's a good PR move and good for the ecosystem. However, it also does nothing to address the structural arguments about the store model. App builders and publishers have no direct user data, so cannot bill them directly, reactivate them after churning, and are subject to any margin change Google and Apple will make in the coming decades. It is just not sustainable business to give your most strategic asset - the customer relationship - to another entity in another country, that will never even consider dealing with you directly.

On a different note, also respect for Google as the browser Chrome can now caption and translate video and audio speech automatically. This technology is amazing and has great potential for unlocking content from around the world, and doing business in the future.


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