7 Things You Will Lose if You Don’t Learn to Really Listen to Others


If we analyze our usual behavior, we see that our tendency is more to talk than to listen to others. This habit is harmful to us in several aspects, namely because it often takes us to situations of conflict and stress that can be avoided if we practice active listening.


What we lose by not listening

What do we lose when we don’t know how to listen?

1 — The message

If we do not learn to listen to others, if we do not practice active listening, we do not listen to what they are saying and therefore we do not learn from what is being communicated to us.

We will also not be in a position to receive what the other is transmitting to us. We will not capture all of your message that is transmitted through words, gestures, and expressions. Only if we adopt an attitude of active listening, we will be able to capture all the wealth of ideas and feelings that are trying to convey to us.

Only by listening carefully will we be able to receive everything that is being transmitted.

2 -The sharing

Without active listening, we will also not be able to achieve a state of true sharing of thoughts and emotions. We all remember some moments — probably rare — when we truly felt in perfect sync with someone.

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