Teens Debate Issues on Instagram Flop Accounts


Speaking of social networks, here's Taylor Lorenz on the trend of "flop" accounts -- pages that are collectively managed by several teens:

The main thing teens who engage with flop accounts share is a strong distrust of the news media. Teens said they turned to flop accounts specifically because they didn’t believe what they read in the news, saw on TV, or even were taught in their U.S.-history class, since, as one teen saw it, their teacher is just one person giving an opinion. Teen flop-account admins and followers said they found information on flop accounts to be far more reliable because it could be crowdsourced and debated.


“Flop accounts have a lot of people fact-checking each other instead of just depending on one source giving us information,” Dann said. “The fact that we’re all posting about these things means we all have to do research and it’s a lot of people completing these things together, not just one person, which makes us trust it more.”

It's like wisdom-of-the-crowds meets triangulation. This can be very risky, of course. But reading this report, you can also understand why teens are turning to such measures to try to get to some semblance of truth in our current age of insanity.


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