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This is the End?

by M.G. Siegler


Nintendo Presents Coal: Classic Edition for Your Holiday Stocking

Speaking of ridiculous, here's Brian Heater on the NES: Classic Edition:

According to the industry tracking analyst group, Nintendo move 196,000 units between the console’s launch on November 11 and the end of the month – a number that comes as year-over-year hardware spending dropped 35-percent. Of course, the retro system’s $50 price tag doesn’t leave nearly the same dent at full-fledge next gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both of which saw a decline.

Nintendo badly -- badly -- dropped the ball with regard to the holiday shopping season and this product. At that price point, this was the perfect holiday gift. Instead, many folks are forking out 5x or more to get a used version. Giant lump of coal from Nintendo this year. 


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