Day 11 | 76.7 km Tuesday August 28

9.5hrs on the bike today and only 77km.

Essentially half of what I hoped for. I was on the bike by 7am and feeling strong. I ran into Austin Horse. He was riding the opposite direction. He had realized what day it was and had a flight to catch. He told me I could catch his riding partner that was likely still breaking down camp & eating breakfast several kilometers ahead. I did.

I caught Tai of Belle Bicycles and we rode together until lunch. He had a sweet MTB that he had built on 2.0 Conti Race Kings and simply could shred harder than me. We had an awesome lunch together and he essentially dropped me.

I was starting to feel weak. My average speed dropped to 8km / hr. My body temp was all messed up. Hot then cold. Then hot then cold. I went as far as I could and when some dogs from a nearby yurt chased me and the kids rushed out to stop them and invited me in, I gladly obliged.

I struggled through dinner with them and slept in their tent outside. Tomorrow was the cut off for CP3. I went to sleep still thinking there was a chance.


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