The Keybase Filesystem in Action

Last week, I mentioned the launch of the Keybase Filesystem, a end-to-end encrypted dropbox that makes it trivially simple to share confidential files with anyone. 

I reached out to Keybase founder Chris Coyne (via PGP encrypted email, of course) for early access to the alpha. The Keybase alpha for Mac comes as a DMG file. You drag it into you Application folder like most apps that don't come from the Mac App store. On first run, it asks for permission to install the filesystem drivers. These create a special folder on your Mac's hard drive called "/keybase" that syncs with the service.

I created a file in the root of my public folder so that people will see a web page when they visit my Keybase public site. I also put something funny in an end-to-end encrypted folder for a friend. Unfortunately, he ran into problems setting up Keybase on Linux so hasn't been able to read the contents.  Undoubtedly, these bugs will be worked out before the service goes public.


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