Blockstack - Decentralized DNS for Blockchain Applications

Naming has been a challenge for blockchain-related projects. Bitcoin, for example, suffers from a horribly broken nomenclature adopting words like wallet and mining for things and behaviors that are much different than their traditional meanings.  Poorly chosen terminology makes the learning curve for new users that much steeper.

Those of you who have been following along with Blockstack will have no doubt noticed that the project has gone through a lot of names.  The main technology behind Blockstack used to be called "blockstore," which, if you recall, stores key and value pairs on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

(Forget what key-values pairs are? Think in terms of a dictionary: If "orange" is the key, then the value of orange would be the definition: "a tasty citrus fruit".)

Blockstore was actually a pretty good name, but it was hard to tell people about both blockstack (the community) and blockstore (some software). There's a lot of cool new stuff in the Blockchain world and people have limited time to keep up with it. As a result, the community decided to use the same name for both project and community.  

We also decided to describe what Blockstack does in term of the domain name system instead of the less understand "key-value store".  Everyone uses domain names and describing Blockstack as decentralized domain names gives the target audience - developers and people interested in Internet infrastructure - a much clearer view of its potential.


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