City of Destin votes to change official election day

At Monday night’s city council meeting, the council passed an ordinance amending the City’s Code to officially change their election day. The second reading of Ordinance 19-11-CC passed with Councilman Chatham Morgan casting the lone ‘no’ vote.

The City’s broad home rule powers include the ability to align the City’s election day with the State General Election in November. To accomplish this, the City Council had to pass an ordinance amending the City’s Code, which is what Ordinance 19-11-CC accomplishes.

While the legislature passed a special law in 1992, which aligns all the Okaloosa County municipalities’ election days to a day in March, the state general law specifically provides that the City’s home rule powers supersede that of any special law relating to municipal election day.

The City Council has previously expressed its desire to move the election day because of the substantial increase in voter turnout at November elections. 

Now that council has passed the ordinance, the City will work with the Okaloosa Supervisor of Elections to reset the councils candidate qualifying dates to around June 2020 and have the Supervisor’s administration prepare the November Presidential ballot to include the Destin’s Municipal seats at the end.

Click here to see a table of voter turnout percentages over the years


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