4) mitú: From pop-up to retail store, these two business partners created a space for Latinx small businesses


Molcajete Dominguero Tienda, a retail space solely dedicated for Latinx vendors to sell their products, has just opened up in Boyle Heights, LA. It started in 2017 as a monthly pop-up event on Sundays and in just two years, has become the largest Latinx popup in the country and has its own retail space. The name, Molcajete Dominguero, is a play on words from the traditional Mexican stone tool used to grind various food products. It's also a representation of the various vendors that have been brought together. Its current database has over 400 vendors from LA to San Francisco that either have their products sold at the store or at popups. Learn more: https://molcajetedominguero.com/index.html


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