How much protein do I need to eat to build muscle? - Jeukendrup - Trusted sports nutrition advice & exercise science news

Key takeaways:

- AA from protein stimulate MPS in dose-response fashion

- MPS is maximally stimulated, when isolated high-quality proteins are consumed, at a dose of ~0.25-0.4 g protein/kg/meal

- Leucine is the critical AA that switched on MPS MPB is supressed with protein intake and the resultant insulinemia, but it appears that this occurs at low doses of protein/insulin

- Analysis of available data suggests that at a daily intake of ~1.6 g protein/kg/d appears to be close to optimal for building muscle

- The highest level of protein ingestion that may yield muscle building benefit is ~2.2 g protein/kg/d

- You can ingest more protein than 2.2 g/kg/d, but it will not help build muscle


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