DeepMind is opening a research center in central Canada (and other DeepMind news)

Google's DeepMind division is opening a research center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which will focus on reinforcement learning and be led by University of Alberta professor Rick Sutton. For better or worse, this move spreads Canada's AI research centers across the vast country.

In other DeepMind news, the company also released the first in a series or reports by an independent commission it hired to analyze its controversial health care partnerships in the United Kingdom. Basically, the commission found in this first report that DeepMind didn't do anything legally wrong, but has to think about some bigger issues around the effects of its Streams product on the workforce in hospitals, and also to address a few small security concerns.

And to complete the trifecta, here's a blog post breaking down DeepMind's really interesting relational neural networks paper from last month. If you're interested in where deep learning research is headed, this is well worth reading.


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