"They had the most enthusiasm."


Anne Thompson on how Amazon Studios was the big winner of Sundance, by winning the rights to distribute The Big Sick for $12 million:

“They had the most enthusiasm,” Apatow told IndieWire via email. “Loving the film is essential. They are a young film company and we knew we would be an important film for them. It is so easy to get lost out there. We were also very impressed with the campaign for ‘Manchester By The Sea.’ That is a complex film and their marketing and distribution has been really impressive. Being Amazon, they have many innovative ways to tell people about our movie and we are excited to collaborate with them on the campaign.”

The latter parts of the equation are obvious reasons to go with Amazon: resources and reach. But the "enthusiasm" part is interesting. Amazon is seemingly doing a good job convincing the creatives it's about more to them than just the business side of things. This is what you hear time and time again with regard to Netflix with Ted Sarandos

Finally, Amazon’s willingness to stick within Hollywood’s theatrical windows — in an increasingly VOD world — marks a huge advantage with filmmakers eager to achieve a broad theatrical release with all the bells and whistles a big marketing and publicity campaign can bring.

This largely matters for Academy Awards contention as much as anything else these days. But also, perception. A film is still only considered a "real" film if it's released in theaters. I wonder how long that lasts...


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