Sonos' Attempt to Win the Living Room

Speaking of the living room, here's Dieter Bohn on the latest speaker from Sonos, the Beam:

Beyond AirPlay, Sonos’ software layer just makes the basics easier from other music streaming services. If you play music from another streaming service and then leave the house, it… still plays. If somebody else starts a song with Tidal, you can still open the Sonos app and hit pause yourself instead of tracking them down and asking them to do it.
Sonos’ marketing term for this is “continuity of control.” The company’s challenge is trying to make dozens of music services, two different phone platforms, TV set-top boxes, Alexa, AirPlay 2, and the Google Assistant all talk to each other. “We are trying to give people a choice, and being open at the same time. We need to keep it simple,” Kusano says.
There are a million risks associated with that approach. A partner might get huffy and pull support for a music service or a digital assistant. A customer might blame Sonos for any number of failures that aren’t Sonos’ fault. Sonos itself might end up introducing feature creep, biting off way more than it can chew when it comes to software.

Obviously a smart play by Sonos. But I'm skeptical of how this will actually work in practice. There is an absolute war brewing between Amazon and Google and Apple and Microsoft to own this world. It's early days, so they're playing nicely with Switzerland here, but as the war heats up... Also, while Sonos' hardware remains fantastic, their software remains crap


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