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Logan's Run

by M.G. Siegler


As Part Of MLB Pace Of Play, Manfred Willing To Look At Shorter TV Commercial Breaks

Maury Brown:

That news came from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred late this week as he spoke to me about a variety of subjects. When I noted that the increased number of commercial breaks and the time associated to them were factors in pace of play, Manfred said he was not opposed to looking into shortening some of that time up.
“I fully agree with the idea of examining our commercial load in our broadcasts and is something that we should be doing,” Manfred said. “There are contractual limitations on when we can do this; we have existing commitments. But, that certainly should be an issue we look at, as well.”

Oh god please yes. Not sure why people don't talk about this more in the pacing of all sports events -- it's often all the fucking commercial breaks that destroys the flow and bogs things down. This is part of why watching soccer in Europe is so great. None of that nonsense. 

But let's be honest: this will never happen. 


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