Snap to Release New Spectacles This Year

Cheddar must have the best internal sources at Snap of any news outlet. They have this, where Snap are building a new set of Spectacles that will have performance improvements, two cameras + partnerships with designer manufacturers. The last set were, shall we say, a disaster (a writedown of $40 million).

Cheddar also have the latest layoffs at Snap, 120 engineers, 10% of the department.

Not that they'll be too annoyed I imagine, there was no bonuses for employees last year due to missed targets, whilst CEO Evan Spiegel received $637 million in stock for taking the company public, and losing 30% of its value since.

Also from Alex Heath (who you should follow), is Facebook launching a smart home device at a much higher price point than Amazon or Apple, supposedly to be demoed at its developer conference F8 in May, and shipping later this year.


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