The Sometimes Catastrophic, but Mostly Just Embarrassing Consequences of Screen Sharing at Work

I dare you to read this article without cringing in your seat the whole time. Here Tina Kolokathis explains what happened to her during a particularly important presentation at work:

A small gray and blue rectangle slides into frame on the top right of Ms. Kolokathis’s laptop, and thus on the top right corner of the TV, too. It’s an iMessage and it’s from Ms. Smith.
“Oh no,” the text reads.
Innocuous enough. Ms. Kolokathis swipes it away quickly, but everyone has seen it. No one says anything; she is on a roll, and one text doesn’t invite suspicion in a room full of mostly millennials. But she starts to panic. She knows Ms. Smith well. Ms. Kolokathis knows exactly what’s about to follow.
“I’m pooping at work.”

There's more to the story, but... look, just click through, ok?


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