1) Health Magazine (July/Aug cover story): Actress and producer Gina Torres on her path to success


Cuban-American actress (and now producer!) is on the cover of Health Magazine. Gina Torres will debut a new show called Pearson on USA Network on July 17th (trailer here). The show is centered around Gina’s character Jessica Pearson and will be the sole spin-off of the show Suits (a legal drama tv series). In anticipation of such a monumental moment in her career, Health magazine sat down with Gina to discuss her path to success, dealing with mom guilt, and how the show came about. I love how Gina so fearlessly took on a new role and shared more about her early career, including her original dream of being the Afro-Cuban Bernadette Peters.

It’s your first time as a co-executive producer—what was that like? It felt natural and good. I would say the learning curve wasn’t so much having an opinion—we all have those, and because I’ve been doing this so long, I knew a lot more than I thought I did. But I had to think about finding my voice, using it, and expressing it in such a way that wasn’t personal, it was just what’s best for the show.


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