Introducing Dagster

Today the team at Elementl is proud to announce an early release of Dagster, an open-source library for building systems like ETL processes and ML pipelines.

I linked to an article about Prefect in the last issue; here's a similar post from competitive product, Dagster. The post itself is solid, but what I think is particularly interesting here is that this "next generation orchestration solution" space seems to have gone from cold to hot in the space of about a month. Word on the street is that both Prefect and Elementl (which makes Dagster) are both closing (or have closed?) sizable venture rounds within just a few weeks of each other.

As a result, there will be a lot of innovation in this space over the coming years, which is exciting: Airflow was a huge step forwards, but it's been several years since that paradigm shift and our data engineering challenges are very much not solved. I'm excited to watch this space evolve.


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