Glue Work (in Analytics)

I've talked about glue work in this newsletter before. It's an incredibly important concept on technical teams of all stripes, and whether you're a manager or an IC. If you haven't watched the talk linked above, you should.

This post by Caitlin Moorman talks about glue work within the context of an analytics team. What does it look like? How should it be recognized? What should you do if your glue work isn't being recognized? And more.

What's so fantastic about this article is that Caitlin points out that, in some ways, all analytics is glue work. Typically, the modern data team doesn't own any revenue-focused KPIs and is instead is heavily involved in helping the other teams in the business hit theirs. This makes the question of how to value the work of data analysts, especially the work we do producing anything other than lines of code, particularly hard (and particularly important!).


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