3) Ozy: This Latino stuntman turned director made the first Latinx superhero movie - dubbed Batman in the Barrio


Billed as the first Latinx superhero movie, El Chicano is an action-packed thriller with an all-Latinx cast, it actually stars Raúl Castillo and George Lopez. The story follows twin brothers — one who dies suspiciously after prison and one who works as a detective — seemingly reconciled through the mysterious El Chicano. Juxtaposing gangster, noir, mystery and vigilante elements, it’s a Mexican Batman, complete with a barrio batcave. This article has a pretty positive review but I've heard mixed reviews on this film and I'm not a fan of films about gang bangers and drug dealers, so I'm curious what you all think. It's been out in theaters since May 3rd, but here's the trailer.

Regardless of reviews, it's quite cool that the director is Latinx and made his vision come to life. Onwards!

*Shoutout to subscriber Carlos Russo for the submission!*


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