Labradoodle Creator Says the Breed Is His Life’s Regret

"The inventor of the labradoodle, the ubiquitous, mopheaded designer dog, said that creating the mixed breed was one of his life’s regrets." That's the opening line of this NY Times article that followed an interview by Wally Conron, creator and crossbreeder extraordinaire who, among other things, bred the world famous labradoodle. I admit, this was the article this week that totally shocked me, and that's saying a lot considering the insanity that has been this week (yes, each of those is a separate article...). Every labradoodle I've encountered has been nothing but a bundle of licks, yips and hugs and every doodle owner I know (literally every. single. one.) has tried to convince my wife and I to get one. And oh, have we come close! I'm sure he has his reasons, some of which he discusses, but dang.


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