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Developers see a world of possibilities with new App Store Small Business Program

Apple will halve the commission it charges small app developers, as the iPhone maker comes under increasing antitrust pressure in the US and Europe from regulators and competitors about the way it collects fees on app store transactions.

In a “small business program” announcement on Wednesday, Apple said app developers who bring in $1 million or less will have the app store fees halved from 30% to 15%.

For years, Apple has held out firmly against lowering the fees it collects on payments on apps downloaded from its app store, insisting the model protects customers. But recently, it has faced more public complaints from prominent companies who collect money from their customers through Apple’s devices.

Just this year, Epic Games, the game developer behind Fortnite, started legal action against Apple in U.S. federal court, while Spotify has filed an antitrust complaint against the company in Europe. Both companies have formed a non-profit group called the Coalition for App Fairness to lobby in the United States and Europe to force regulatory changes against Apple.


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