NBC News: 'L' is for Latino: Sesame Street's 50 years of pioneering positive Latinx characters from actors to puppeteers


This month, "Sesame Street" celebrates its 50th anniversary. It's being celebrated for many things — including pioneering diversity and the representation of Latino characters on TV. Over the years, "Sesame Street" has reflected the changes in society, dealing with issues like homelessness, autism, Afro-Latino identity and grief. But diversity has always been part of the show’s mission. "Sesame Street" has featured many Latinx or Spanish-speaking characters, providing work and exposure for Latino actors including Raul Julia, who appeared in the 1971 season; Carlo Alban, who in 2011 revealed he was undocumented while on the show; and Ismael Cruz Cordova, cast in 2013 after the show held an open call for a new Latino neighbor.


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