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"Creators will need to go full-time" - Lauren Black - The Eye & The Edit

Lauren Black is a digital marketer with an eye for style and a love for fashion. Here's what she expects in newsletters in 2021:

Hopefully, 2021 will be the year life returns to a bit of normal, pre-pandemic ways—which means independent newsletter creators will have to decide whether or not to truly commit to their publications. For those that forge forward, this may mean doubling down on their production, frequency, quality, or teams, migrating to more advanced ESPs (with some of the popular—or smart—ones introducing new features to compete with Substack), and increasingly taking the leap to run their newsletters full-time in a more stable economy. The monetization of those newsletters will likely increase, too, as subscriber bases grow and the variety of ads become more prevalent. We may see a drop off from other creators, but we'll see just as many joining in as the opportunity in newsletter creation becomes clear.


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