Jim & Paul Warner - Successfully Navigating Multi-Generational Family Dynamics [The Business of Family Podcast]


Jim and Paul Warner work together in multi-generational family dynamics helping all parties establish and sustain authentic, synergistic, relationships.

  • Jim explains the need to distinguish supporting and protecting from enabling, because oftentimes families blur those lines.
  • Jim stresses that the goal of discussing the painful topics (the elephant in the room) is the potential of having an authentic family relationship as opposed to a transactional family relationship
  • The components of "Trust" that sets elders apart: Credibility, Reliability, Honesty, Vulnerability and Adaptability.
  • Don't change, I love you just the way you are
  • Harmony is about truth-telling, it's not about being nice to one another
  • Rather than jumping right into getting the kid fit for succession, the key thing a parent should ask is "How do I help my young adult find their own passion in life?"


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