Shopify's Data Science & Engineering Foundations

Shopify’s Data team uses these foundational approaches to data warehousing and analysis empowering us to deliver the best results for our ecosystem.

This is a Very Good Post. It's not groundbreaking—none of the individual ideas that it presents are fundamentally new. But it gives such a wonderful picture of how Shopify's extremely high-functioning data team operates. Here's a snippet from my favorite section, "Deep Product Understanding":

At Shopify, we strive to fall in love with the problem, not the tools. Excellence doesn’t come from just looking at the data, but from understanding what it means for our merchants. (...) We truly understand what enable means in the column status of some table.

This seems simple and obvious, but it's all-too-common that those working with the data actually do not have this level of familiarity of the real-world interaction that they are observing in it.


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