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D Day

by M.G. Siegler


Why it's taking George R.R. Martin so long to write 'The Winds of Winter'

Kim Renfro spoke to some folks close to George R.R. Martin to see just what the hell is taking so long with The Winds of Winter:

"He feels that once he has outlined it, once he has explored all the details of the story, all the beats of the story, he can't go back and revisit it," Linda told INSIDER. "He can do general notes about characters [...] But once he goes and puts it all into a cohesive story, then he says 'I've done it, I can't revisit it because I'm going to be bored.' He experiences the story as he writes it and he wants to be able to surprise himself to some extent or get new ideas along the way."

I can both see and respect that. But jesus, man, the entire Game of Thrones television series, and thus, the entire plot, is going to be out before Winds of Winter... And there's still one more book to do after that!


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